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Superior built decks…for less!
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Chris Hennig Construction 16110 Tucker  Holly, Mi. 48442
About Us
 Chris Hennig Construction (CHC) has been producing superior built decks for less since 1985. We are family owned and operated, which keeps us dialed in to our customers needs and concerns. Chris Hennig has been in the carpentry field for over 35 years and has spent the last 25 years focusing on quality decks. The fact is, a deck is an external part of your home and is where most homeowners gather. Making sure that it is done right the first time is CHC main priority.
 He who bids it… builds it! What does this mean to you? When you call Chris Hennig Construction for a free no obligation quote, Chris Hennig himself will be the one to show up and help you design and conceive your new  deck. When it comes time to build your deck, Chris Hennig is the guy that shows up to execute the design that was previously arranged. This is a huge advantage because your pre-arranged design does not get lost in translation. In other words, what was originally agreed upon is exactly what gets built.
 As one of the few husband and wife teams out there, we take a great deal of pride in building quality decks. How many stories have we all heard about someone hiring a contractor. For one reason or another the project doesn’t run on schedule or is improperly constructed because of simple inexperience. We can assure you, that will not happen with Chris Hennig Construction. We do it right the first time no exceptions! We truly treat each and every deck we build as if it were our own.
 With all the different decking materials out there it is important you understand which will work best for you. Chris Hennig Construction has been building decks out of “Low Maintenance” materials since their inception 15 years ago. Having a clear understanding of these materials is very important for the outcome of your project. Being well informed helps you make the best decision for you and your family. The bottom line is we make sure you understand what kind of commitment your making, so the end result is exactly what you expected.
Wood, Composite and PVC which will you choose?
I am the person that you will meet during your consultation
and the one that will be present on the work site
-Chris Hennig